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Tilaye Gebre - Endless Dream [Fitsame Yatta Hilm] [1995]

   R   E   U   P   L   O   A   D   

       Tilaye Gebre took music lesson in a music school affiliated to the Ethiopian National Theatre. He was later employed by the National Theatre where he served as a singer, Song writer, music arranger and Saxophone player in the Dewitt Band, the band for modern music in the National Theatre. He also worked in The Venus Band, The Equator Band and The Dahlak Band as a music arranger and saxophone player. He went to America with The Walias Band and he settled there. He was among the musicians who accompanied such great names like Ephrem Tamiru, Aster Aweke, Tilahun Gessesse and others. Tilaye is also known to have played instrumental music using tenor sax and alto sax as well as flute

       Tilaye Gebre also stakes his claim to the jazz idiom. His Endless Dream (Shakisso Music Productions 001, 1995) wouldn't be out of place on one of those "Smooth Jazz" radio stations, with it seamless blend of synthesizer and saxophone, but I love it nonetheless - Gebre's just too talented a musician.

Here is his only album, so far :

                             Tilaye Gebre - Endless Dream [1995]

1. Tilaye Gebre - Yehem Ale Leka/Gizze Biansegnim (6:56)
2. Tilaye Gebre - Yenigat Kokeb/Yelelit Berehane (9:30)
3. Tilaye Gebre - Muzika Hiwote (6:04)
4. Tilaye Gebre - Fitsame Yatta Hilm (7:08)
5. Tilaye Gebre - Estti Enechewawot (6:38)
6. Tilaye Gebre - Ethiopia Hagere (5:53)
7. Tilaye Gebre - Enkilfen Wosedkew (6:00)
8. Tilaye Gebre - Ayne Hulgizze (5:49)
9. Tilaye Gebre - Gubeleya (6:39)

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