Thursday, May 15, 2014

Petites Planètes - Now Ethiopia • GAMO GAMO • Tribal songs from the south [2012] [ethiopia] [FLAC}

originaly posted HERE :

GAMO GAMO • tribal voices from the south

1. Aba Chefo   07:14
2. Gamo   07:41
3. Oho Amba   05:45
4. Funeral Polyphony   02:44
5. Dita   08:30

recorded by Vincent Moon & Jacob Kirkegaard 
in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

may 2012 

mixed by Jacob Kirkegaard 


estela carvalho said...

good morning, file has expired, please upload one more time, tks

2b0rn0t0b said...

you can download this files for free from Bandcamp site here :

it's very easy. left click on Buy Now, enter the 0 for your price, and you'll get offer to dowload files in desired format such as wav, flac or mp3.