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Friday, November 10, 2017

v.a. - Ethiopian Hit Parade Volume 1 [1972] [ethiopia]

Abbèbè Tèssèmma - Ashasha bèyèw

Alèmayèhu Eshèté - 01 - Addis Abeba Bete (4:33)
Girma Bèyènè - 02 - Sét alamenem (5:28)
Gèmètchu Itana - 03 - Shemèrmari tiya (4:31)
Sèyfu Yohannès - 04 - Tezeta (5:21)
Abaynèh Dèdjèné - 05 - Yèbèrèha lomi (3:33)
Tèshomè Meteku - 06 - Gara ser nèw bétesh (3:15)
Menelik Wèsnatchèw - 07 - Asha gèdawo (4:26)
Muluqèn Mèllèssè - 08 - Hédètch Alu (5:17)
Mulatu Astatqé - 09 - Yèkèrmo Sèw (4:15)
Essatu Tèssèmma - 10 - Ayamaru Eshèté (4:00)
Abbèbè Tèssèmma - 11 - Ashasha bèyèw (3:35)

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Paulos Tadesse - Ethiomystic [2016] [ethiopia]

       Ethiomystic is a fusion of traditional and contemporary jazz, reggae and rock that makes you want to listen to it again and again. I tried to offer simplicity using just a few instruments. Yet, there’s a layered approach, with rhythm, melody, and harmonies that unlocks a unique, refined sound. - Paulos Tadesse

     Instrumental music situated at the crossroads of many of influences- traditional song, afro-beat, reggae, jazz and funk.

Paulos Tadesse - Hageray

Paulos Tadesse - 01. Hageray (4:20)
Paulos Tadesse - 02. Ethiomystic (4:13)
Paulos Tadesse - 03. The Lonely Road (3:38)
Paulos Tadesse - 04. Eyaleh Kalhone (5:00)
Paulos Tadesse - 05. Birtukane (6:22)
Paulos Tadesse - 06. Yezare Abebawoch (3:55)
Paulos Tadesse - 07. Ououta Ayaskefam (5:15)
Paulos Tadesse - 08. Freedom (5:16)
Paulos Tadesse - 09. Set Alamnem (4:34)
Paulos Tadesse - 10. Yeayne Tesfa (4:44)
Paulos Tadesse - 11. Astawesalew (5:21)
Paulos Tadesse - 12. Ethiomystic Dub (4:16)

Sunday, April 9, 2017

v.a. - Beyond Addis 02 [Modern Ethiopian Dance Grooves Inspired By Swinging Addis] [2016]

Anbessa Orchestra - Lions

01. Karl Hector & The Malcouns - Kingdom of D'mt 3:15 
02. The Daktaris - Musicawi Silt 3:04 
03. The Sorcerers - Cave of Brahma 3:39 
04. Debre Damo Dining Orchestra - Yesega Wat 2:56 
05. Jungle By Night - Ethiopino 3:32 
06. Onom Agemo And The Disco Jumpers - Cool Runnings 5:16 
07. Tezeta Band - The Viper 4:09 
08. Akalé Wubé feat. Manu Dibango - Anbessa 3:42 
09. The Transgressors - The Biz 3:02 
10. Les Frères Smith - Zilzil 7:21 
11. The Whitefield Brothers - Safari Strut 3:21 
12. Cosmic Analog Ensemble - Stuzzicadenti 2:23 
13. Karl Hector & The Malcouns - Followed Path 4:47 
14. Anbessa Orchestra - Lions 4:50

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Dallol - Land Of The Genesis [1985] [usa+eth]

Dallol - Reggae In The Moonlight

              After fleeing their homeland of Ethiopia in the late ’70s to avoid conflict with the Marxist government, a trio of reggae musicians made their way to the United States.
         Landing in Chicago, the three musicians began playing their African and Jamaican-flavored jams in reggae clubs around the city.
Fronted by singer/guitarist Mulu Gessesse, the band consisted of Mulu’s brother Zeleke Gessesse and close friend Meluka Retts.

           In 1980, the band assumed the name Dallol, and put together a demo tape. Dallol gained a sizable following in Chicago quickly with its distinct Ethiopian-flavored sound. The demo soon found its way all over the country, outside of the United States, across the Caribbean and into the hands of a certain famous family in Jamaica.

           “It was 1981, right after Bob (Marley) died,” Mulu recalled. “Our tape made its way to Rita (Marley), and she asked us to go on down to Jamaica. That was our first contact with the Marleys.”

           Contacts with the first family of reggae proved to be a good thing for Dallol. Rita Marley produced the band’s first full-length album and helped the band out in a number of ways. Lodging and other commodities were provided to Dallol by the Marleys as the band made its tour of the islands.

         It wasn’t long before the Marleys became more than contacts, with friendships forming between Dallol and Bob’s son, Ziggy Marley. “Ziggy was only 10 years old when we met him,” Mulu explained. “As a matter of fact, he played his first show with us.”

          Good ties with the Marleys continued, and soon Dallol was asked to tour with Ziggy’s newly formed band “Ziggy and the Melody Makers.” Dallol’s Ethiopian and reggae roots served as a perfect backdrop to Ziggy’s continuation of his father’s style and heartfelt messages.

         In the late ’80s, Dallol toured and recorded with Ziggy. The result of the combined effort was heard worldwide. One platinum and one gold album elevated Dallol to superstar status in the reggae industry.
“That experience was great because it enabled us to go all over the world,” Mulu said.

       After about five years with Marley, Dallol returned to its second home in Chicago. Included in the move were a couple line change ups and a change of name for the group. Upon the addition of three more members, including two female vocalists, Dallol changed its name to Baaro.

Zeleke GessesseBass, Vocals
Ruphael Wolde MariamDrums, Vocals, Cover
Dereje MekonnenKeyboards
Mulaku RettaKeyboards, Vocals
Abdul HakimLead Guitar
Asrat Aemro SellasiePercussion
Mulugetta GessesseRhythm Guitar

Executive-Producer – Rita Marley

A1Dallol - Selam (4:48)
A2Dallol - Genesis (4:16)
A3Dallol - Love Is Coming (4:16)
A4Dallol - Reggae In The Moonlight (4:40)

B1Dallol - Hoye Hoya (3:20)
B2Dallol - Sail Along (5:07)
B3Dallol - Nice Feelings (3:50)
B4Dallol - Ashkaroo (traditional song) (3:40)
B5Dallol - Mr. DJ (4:50)

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Mixtape - Ethio Deep [ethiopia]

This mixtape features tracks from 

Tamrat Ferengi
Mahmoud Ahmed
Tlahoun Gessesse
Girma Beyene
Teshomé Meteku 

and more.

   Ethio Deep - 01 - Tamrat Ferengi, Mahmoud Ahmed, Tlahoun Gessesse,Girma Beyene,Teshomé Meteku and more    (59:35)    

01 - Gubelye (My Gubel) - Mulatu Astatqe
02 - Sethéd Sekètèlat - Tlahoun Gessesse
03 - Yemendjar Shega - Muluqen Mellesse
04 - Set Alamenem - Girma Beyene
05 - Asmarina - Feqadu Amdé-Meskel
06 - Yekermo sew - Seyfu Yohanne
07 - Fikrishin Kelkiyiw - Tamrat Ferengi
08 - Fikratchin - Menelik Wossenatchew
09 - Fetsum Deng Ledj Nesh - Mahmoud Ahmed
10 - Ewnet Yet Lagegnesh - Batha Gèbrè-Heywèt
11 - Bèy lesènabètesh - Gétatchèw Kassa
12 - Wededku Afqerkush - Alemayehu Eshete
13 - Mot Adeladayu - Tèshomé Meteku
14 - Heywete - Tesfa Maryam Kidane

@192 kbps

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Mulatu Astatke / Oscar Sulley - Mulah 2 / Uhuru Mash Up [Nephews of Phela remixes] [2005] FLAC

   R   E   U   P   L   O   A   D   

A / Mulatu Astatke - Mulah 2
B / Oscar Sulley - Uhuru Mash Up

         Ethiopian Mulatu Astatke's unique blend of jazz, funk and afrobeat has found its way into many peoples record collections recently since the three quality "Ethio Jazz" LPs were reissued on the L'Arome imprint, and further popularised when the "Modern Jazz Instrumentals" record was used as the soundtrack to the Jim Jarmusch film "Broken Flowers". 

        Even before all of that people were unwittingly hearing some of these killer breaks on Mo' Wax era breakbeat and triphop tracks, all this combined should be telling you - this is music of the highest quality!!!And what we've got here is a remix for the dancefloor that's gonna be a monster, an esteemed West London producer has brought the heaviest of broken beats to create an exquisite piece of broken beat Ethio funk fusion. 

         The b-side is an equally strong rework of Ghanian Oscar Sulley's "Bukom Mashie".

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Selomon Shibeshi - unknown album [1974] [ethiopia]

Selomon Shibeshi- Endet Zenegashiw

Selomon Shibeshi - 01 - Lomi Wesheba (3:49)
Selomon Shibeshi - 02 - Yesew Lej New (7:25)
Selomon Shibeshi - 03 - Endet New Negerwa (6:49)
Selomon Shibeshi - 04 - Alem Woretena (6:40)
Selomon Shibeshi - 05 - Alah Ayen (Sudan) (4:59)
Selomon Shibeshi - 06 - Yet Nesh (6:39)
Selomon Shibeshi - 07 - Yezederow Neger (6:20)
Selomon Shibeshi - 08 - Munanaye (6:46)
Selomon Shibeshi - 09 - Anetay Awanki (4:50)
Selomon Shibeshi - 10 - Elele Bale Hoye (3:41)

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Alemayehu Eshete and Shebele's Band - [1987] [ethiopia]

Alemayehu Eshete and Shebele's Band - Hedech Ashkbech (4:40)
Alemayehu Eshete and Shebele's Band - Wededkush Afkerkush (7:16)
Alemayehu Eshete and Shebele's Band - Wube Alem (6:16)

Monday, November 14, 2016

Mulatu Astatke & The Heliocentrics - Live at Broad Casting, Cargo, London, 17.april [2008] [uk+eth]


          Playing in London for the first time in 15 years Ethio-Jazz sound pioneer Mulatu Astatke, plays an exclusive live date at Cargo. His backing band will be made up of the fantastic Heliocentrics (Now Again / Stones Throw), who also provide a support set on the night. Host and DJ Karen P is also very happy to be joined by long-time friend, Gilles Peterson alongside NYC’s legendary party purveyor Karl Injex.

Born in Ethiopia in 1943, Mulatu Astatke is an innovative multi-instrumentalist, composer, arranger and originator of the Ethio-Jazz sound. Having studied music in London and then the US, he established himself as a vital vibraphone, conga and percussion player on both sides of the Atlantic before returning to his homeland to introduce Jazz, Soul and Latin to Ethiopia’s native musicians and artists. Included in the now legendary Ethiopiques compilations, 
Jim Jarmusch’s Broken Flowers soundtrack, and much sampled by Hip-Hop and Dance producers alike, his sound will be familiar to many even if his name isn’t. These days Mulatu regularly lectures at Harvard and gave a memorable lecture at the Red Bull Music Academy in Toronto last year. Karen P’s Broad Casting is honoured to host Mulatu’s first UK performance in over 15 years.      

The Heliocentrics are drummer Malcolm Catto’s collective and are signed to Stones Throw’s sister imprint Now-Again. Having performed and recorded as DJ Shadow’s backing band, they have individually played major parts in bands such as the Soul Destroyers, Quantic Soul Orchestra and The Herbaliser. Malcolm himself released a solo album on Mo Wax and has been sampled by none other than Madlib. 

Pigeonholing The Heliocentrics sound is hard. Suffice to say that it takes in all manner of jazz, electronica, psychedelia and world music. Whilst they inhabit the funk universe of James Brown, they also capture some of the disorienting asymmetry of Sun Ra, the cinematic scope of Ennio Morricone and the sublime fusion of David Axelrod.

01. Mulatu Astatke & The Heliocentrics - Yèkèrmo Sèw (Live) (5:38)
02. Mulatu Astatke & The Heliocentrics - Gubèlyé (Live) (4:27)
03. Mulatu Astatke & The Heliocentrics - Yègellé Tezeta (Live) (4:04)
04. Mulatu Astatke & The Heliocentrics - Mulatu (Live) (7:36)
05. Mulatu Astatke & The Heliocentrics - Kulumanqualeshi (Live) (7:11)
06. Mulatu Astatke & The Heliocentrics - Kasalèfkut Hulu (Live) (6:33)
07. Mulatu Astatke & The Heliocentrics - Ethio Blues (Live) (5:28)
08. Mulatu Astatke & The Heliocentrics - Yèkatit (Live) (5:42)
09. Mulatu Astatke & The Heliocentrics - Munayé (Live) (5:56)
10. Mulatu Astatke & The Heliocentrics - Nètsanèt (Live) (6:34)


Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Anbessa Orchestra - [2015] - Anbessa Orchestra [EP] [usa+eth]

       Anbessa Orchestra is a 7 piece group from NYC that draws it's inspiration from the beautiful music of Ethiopia. Playing arrangements of Ethiopian funk tunes from the 60's-70's as well as original music with Ethiopian influences.

Wayne Tucker - Trumpet
Eyal Vilner - Alto Sax
Eden Bareket - Baritone Sax
Nadav Peled - Guitar
Dor Heled - Keyboards
Tamir Shmerling - Bass
Eran Fink - Drums

Anbessa Orchestra - 01 - Aynotche Terabu (4:40)
Anbessa Orchestra - 02 - Yematibela Wef (5:20)
Anbessa Orchestra - 03 - Lions  (4:51)
Anbessa Orchestra - 04 - Nagatti Si Jedha (4:19)
Anbessa Orchestra - 05 - Le'b (6:08)
Anbessa Orchestra - 06 - Zelel Zelel (3:20)
Anbessa Orchestra - 07 - Antchi Qondjo (3:17)
Anbessa Orchestra - 08 - Gurage (8:34)

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Sheba Sound - Cassette Chichika – Dance-floor heavy [ethiopia]

    visit Sheba Sound official site : HERE                                  

  Cassette Chichika – Dance-floor heavy 

The second in a series of mixes of obscure Ethio-funk Chichika gems, direct from Sheba Sound.

None of the songs on this mix were ever pressed up on a record, or reissued on CD. They are all original sounds recently dug up from old cassette shops around Ethiopia.

In 1974 Mengistu crushed Haile Selassie and came into power in Ethiopia. By the late 70s, all the labels pressing up tunes on vinyl, such as Amha and Philips, had been forced to shut down their operations.

This left the cassette shops to continue the work of publishing the new music that was coming out. Notable heavyweight houses pushing Amaharic music, such as Electra and Anbassel, took the lion’s share of the big names.

Naturally, as time went by, the sound of the music evolved. In this mix, you will hear how the classic 70s ‘ethio-funk’ sound (represented in the first ‘Chichika’ mix on this site) transforms in the 80s into something much less frantic and more precise. The bands themselves tend to be smaller, allowing the bass players to take a more driving lead. This particular evolution of the bass defines the sound of Amhara music from this period.

Tracklist (Artist / Title / Label)

01 - Aregahegne Werash – Nafkot Yalefal (Electra)
02 - Haile Mikael – Lebe Gerageru (Anbassel)
03 - Muluken Melesse Lemezawaez (Electra)
04 - Ephrem Tamru – Akal Gela (Electra 1978)
05 - Kefel Bekele – Mela Alesh (Menaz 1984)
06 - Thiedros Tadesse – Bmewededachen (Electra)
07 - Ayalew Mesfin – Kalegne Fegshem (Ayalew Bet)
08 - Tsegaye Eshetu – Agerash Shegar
09 - Teshome Welde – Matewa (Genet)
10 - Fisseha Alamayehu – Endenesh
11 - Haile Mikael – Agebe (Anbassel)

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

HOT STUFF : chOOn : Upcoming DJ Mitmitta Mix!!! 29/01/2016 11:00 - 13:00 GMT (12:00 - 14:00 CET)

Guest Mix #2 // DJ Mitmitta

DJ Mitmitta is an Amharic speaking Norwegian and one of the main record collectors based in Ethiopia. He started a music shop in Aware, Addis-Ababa in 2010 called Mitmitta Musika and with that an  – posting accompanying blog - some of the strangest and downright warped, psychedelic pop music I’d heard from the region. Over the past two years he evolved the shop into a commercial record label by the same name re-releasing in collaboration with Domino Sound from New Orleans, a compilation of traditional wedding songs by Getatchew Degefu & friends to great acclaim.

I approached him nearly 2 years ago with the idea for a mix of Ethiopian sounds spanning the 1980s and early 90s. This was a period of great political upheaval in the country. Ethiopia was in the throes of a bloody civil war and at the mercy of a military dictatorship. The production of vinyl recordings stopped, many of the countries leading musicians emigrated to the west amid the political turmoil and the permanent curfew all but ended live music performances.

Much has been made of Ethiopian music pre 1974 – box sets, huge reissue archives, the revival of classic recordings and artists have been lauded by music critics across the land but the same cannot be said about the music produced during the period under military rule (1975 – 1991, commonly known as the "Derg" years) – and that which I had heard was usually negative.

So I present this guest mix by DJ Mitmitta – 2 hours of rare Ethio-Eritrean sounds – synthesizers, organs, wah wahs, pop and traditional sounds from the 80’s and early 90’s.

Here are a few words about this mix from DJ Mitmitta…

'The idea of this mix goes several years back from when I had a music shop up and running in Addis. I always said to myself I should make a mix presenting some of the cassettes I had for sale in Mitmitta Muzika Bet. To make that selection it meant I had to digitize every single cassette that potentially could become a part of the mix. This didn't happen, or at least I didn't have enough tapes to make the desired selection and the years went by, the shop closed and those tapes were lost down in collection boxes. It was when mr. chOOn!! from Subcity Radio contacted me that I started to pick it up again – he was interested in the perceived lack of interest and regard from music collectors and archaeologists for music made during the Derg years (1975 – 1991), Ethiopia’s stay under military occupation. Being the only westerner he knew of living in the region with an active interest in and access to lots of this music he asked whether I’d be interested in curating an interesting mix of sounds from this period. So I started picking out the potential cassettes again that could fit into a theme of 80s, instrumentals, pop and traditional sounds. The pile became way to big to finalize in the then near future, so I had to tell him to be patient. Now, almost 2 years later and after having a couple of days off in Dire Dawa, East Ethiopia I managed to punch out the last selection, which became this mix.

The mix's selection consists of lesser-known artists and lesser-known releases of established artists, which somehow have caught my attention. Mostly because of the way the singer sings, or the way a synthesizer or an organ is played, or how the bass or programmed drums play along, or how it's all put together in a different soundscape than what most people are used to from listening to 70s Ethiopian music. It's divided into 4 half-hour sets so that you can easily tape it onto 60 minute tapes. I'm hoping this is something for both Ethiopian and foreign ears. Enjoy!'

friday, 29/01/2016   11:00 - 13:00 GMT 
                                   12:00 - 14:00  CET